Here’s To You! “Cheers”!

This blog is dedicated to you, our friend. “B” and I enjoy making fresh meals every day. I usually go through our recipes on Sunday and make a shopping list for the entire week. On our fridge we’ve taped a list of recipes we enjoy and we usually pick one to two of those recipes and then add in one to two new ones to try. Each week we try to make at least one pasta dish, one veggie dish, one meat dish and one fish dish. Of course we have our “go-to” meals, but we like to try new things as well.

We also try to make dishes that aren’t extremely complicated. We’ll tag the recipes in to various helpful categories as well, such as “pruney hands recipe” (meaning lots of dishes), “quick and easy”, “head to the pantry” (you probably already have all ingredients needed), “freezable”, “single friendly” (for those nights when you’re just cooking for yourself), “work approved” (for the recipes our co-workers devoured), “friend approved” (for the ones our friends approved), and we’ll probably come up with more as it goes on.

Most of the recipes will come from cookinglight magazines and what other recipe books we have. We’ll post the recipe as well as the changes we make to it (because sometimes we just can’t resist adding something special).

It occurred to us that what we do is not the “norm” (but really…is there anything “normal” about us?). Many of our friends tell us they get stuck in ruts or just go out to eat a fair amount. So, it’s because of you that we decided to start this blog. Here’s hoping it inspires you to venture out of your routine and try to BeFresher.