Trying to get back on track (or treadmill)

This Cold weather is making me in to quite a hibernator this winter! Although I have up-ed my number of yoga classes (I go at least 1x a week, usually 2 times a week…and sometimes even 3-4 times a week depending), I have decreased my running. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still doing abs or other dvd or nike plus workouts and I still do gymnastics 1x per week… but my running is at an all time low.  

Part of it is because my knee is a little achy when I run on the treadmill. It’s interesting- when I run outside with my compression tights on, my knee feels ok, but for some reason the treadmill causes it to ache. This morning I went on the treadmill for 30 mins. I did an interval workout which is programmed in to the machine (1.5 mins at 4.0- 4.5mph and then 30 seconds of 7-7.5mph. Usually I push myself a little more towards the end of the workout to get the sprints to be true sprints at 8.5-10mph… but I didn’t. 

I did watch an amazing episode of Scandal while working out though 🙂

Come on warm weather!